So, what's my story…I guess like many others my story started out as a need for smooth, soft skin. Most of my life I suffered from dry, rough skin and that really bothered me.  No matter how many lotions and creams I purchased, nothing seemed to help, let alone last. I would always make body scrubs for myself, family and friends, but never thought about creating a cream or lotion.  One day I started reading and understanding about shea butter and what it and other various butter and oils could do, and I was hooked. From there I started creating body butters and balms for various parts of my body, and my body fell in love with them. So, did I.  They gave me the moisture I was losing from using store bought lotions and creams.  After introducing them to my family and friends, my sister convinced me to share it with others and Sweet Niki's Own was born.

One thing I realized in the process of getting to this point was that it wasn't just about the product. But it was more now about how I felt about what the product was doing, my body and the relationship my body and I have.  When you use my product, I don't want you to just use it, but make it a part of your relationship with your body. It's a part of your mental and physical being.

Making sure I always make the time for my body is such a major thing for me, because it's such an easy thing to take for granted.  While Sweet Niki's Own is my baby, I still work a full time 9-5 job as a consultant, which allows me to develop my other talents. But that also means my days and nights are very busy and occasionally, I may be in a rush, and neglect the relationship my body and I have. It shows when that happens and I don’t want that for me, my body, or you and your body.

I make each product by hand, with love for you and get joy in knowing that what I create may make someone smile and feel good all over. This is just the beginning of this journey and I am so glad you are now part of the family so you can enjoy it with me.